Workout For Wed Sep 20, 2017 (2611850)

"Catherine's fight" event 9am Saturday Sep. 23rd at CrossFit Midlo. Please free your calendar and purchase a shirt for your donation. W.O.D and cookout to help raise money for Catherine and her family. Contact coach Rhino or Mandi for further information. Excited to show everyone our SBCF love!

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1) Peck Smash 2) Shoulder Distraction 3) Shoulder smash


2 rounds:

4 Burpees
3 Inch Worms
5 Ring Dips

Total Weight

2x8 (65%)
Climb in weight each set. End at a heavy 4rep.

Total Time

Every 3min x 12min
10 DL (50%)
10 Burp Box Jumps
10 TTB
Record Each Round. Score is slowest time. 2:15min Time Cap for each round
2 Rounds:
200m run
20 kbs
20 lunges 20 pushups

1st round with with weight vest
2nd round without

Total Weight

3 Rep Max STOUse jerk blocks